A video that will make you cry: this was the life of hope of little Santi Cañizares

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How the Cañizares family coped with their son's death

On March 23rd, the Cañizares family suffered the death of one of their sons: Santi. After more than a year fighting cancer, the little boy passed away accompanied by his family. At the time, his parents told it like this on social networks: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgqlKX-gzxM/?utm_source=ig_embed https://twitter.com/santicanizares/status/977146984833351680 In an interview granted to the Spanish magazine Hola, the ex-football player Santiago Cañizares and his wife, Mayte García, explain what it was like to go through this tragic experience and how it helped them in their life as well as all the fruits of the short life of little Santi. His mother, Mayte, explains how she faced the situation and that for the child it was fundamental to feel loved by his parents: "I am going to make you smile every day and I want you to smile with me every day because you have three sisters who are waiting for you at home and you... you are going to come home". His father, Santiago Cañizares, is clear that his son's life had a meaning: "It was a learning mission. He was a wise man, he came to teach us, he came to show us many things, to send us many messages, to help us understand things that went unnoticed and to help us value every moment of our lives". Finally, the former goalkeeper sends a message of support to all the families who have children with cancer: "And in the case of the families who are going through this. First of all, not everyone ends up with an end like ours. We have to understand that too. Science is advancing, help is coming from many places... Luckily, there are cases that are solved and they are indeed wonderful cases". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uNA3xwlM8Y  

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