No fear of women

Today's culture presents us with models of being centered on emotions and passions that lead to utopian and unrealistic happiness. Physical pleasure is the ultimate domain of an animal love that does not know how to love deeply, incapable of commitment.
The feminine ideal has changed. The man finds that he is no longer the head of the family, she no longer needs to be protected, to be cared for, she is no longer docile, she can, she can do more. Adam and Eve look for each other but do not find each other in their garden of Eden.

For this reason, today more than ever, it is necessary that the voice of the real woman, from her maternal vision of the world, is also heard. A new revolution is necessary: women and men need to find themselves again, accepting their differences in a context of profound changes. Men and women, with a mature personality, capable of integrating feminine and masculine qualities.

Men and women of our time must make sure that it is not forgotten that the true strength of women is neither shouting nor domination, but the development of all their talents, and mutual respect based on love.

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A revolution has been necessary for the talent The women's rights of women come to light and also deserve to be protected, nurtured and valued. We owe much to the women who broke barriers and asserted themselves.

"I have lost my family because of my hardness."confessed an engineer in a sea of tears. A wonderful mother who, without realizing it, perhaps transferred the schemes of work to her family, and saw that she had demanded too much. And it is true, now more than ever you have to be a tough woman, intelligent, defiant if necessary, an autonomous woman, independent, determined, genius and figure, she has control of her life, no one can stop her.

And so, almost without realizing it, the man finds that he is no longer so necessary, she does not need to be protected, to be cared for, she can, she can do more. Or is it him, the one who does not find himself, he was anchored in his adolescence expecting everything from her and without finding it, and at some point he fell into the arms of another woman alone willing to admire him and take care of him more. Many men and women, naturally want to live life well, with peace in their families, and yet they find themselves disappointed; for some reason broken, alone and suffering; and with them, the children, in the midst of a life in difficult balance.

There are many of us who do not identify with the models of men and women imposed on us by the media, legislation and politics, confusing the consciousness of our identity and future generations.

That is why we say to men: do not be afraid of today's woman. She needs, in her newfound power and freedom, that men recover themselves and become fully involved, and fight for the defense of their dignity as women and mothers, and with them, their children.

Women are encouraged to develop all their talents freely, without disregarding their most intimate configuration as woman and mother. Although her talents are deployed differently according to her mission, motherhood is the precious talent of the woman who in the 21st century is lost and disoriented in the culture of individualism, success and self-affirmation. Jutta Burggraf and based on the writings of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the Pope Francisabout women. We want to recover our identity, that of men and women who, being different, are equal in dignity, and together, we enrich ourselves, complement each other and go further.

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