Catechesis for young people
Resources and materials for young people to get to know Jesus better and deepen what they believe, or to come closer to the faith if they do not have it.


Try our confirmation catechesis through Kahoot, and turn your cell phone into an ally to attract attention.


How can we live the Mass better? Why should we go to Mass on Sundays? These and other questions are answered here.

Confirmation Catechesis with Kahoot:

If you also find it hard to take your eyes off your cell phone, integrate it into the Catechesis with Kahoot and make it your best ally.
100 questions on confirmation

100 questions about Confirmation

Resolve their doubts and get them to assimilate the training with self-criticism.


It's easy to start over! A guide for children to learn to ask for forgiveness through Confession.

Catechetical Resources for Youth

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