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If the Catholic Church has the best message in the world, why don't people want to hear it? Could it be that we Christians sometimes don't know how to transmit it well? Here you will learn  basic principles of communication applied to the transmission of the faith and some methods for communicating faith in a positive way, also in controversy, accompanied by examples and a selection of good practices. 

In the words of Juan Manuel MoraD. in Communication and current Vice Rector of Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.-The Christian message must be transmitted as what it is: an immense yes to man, to woman, to life, to freedom, to peace, to development, to solidarity, to virtues... To transmit it adequately to others, we must first understand and experience the faith in this positive way. "The force with which truth imposes itself must be joy, which is its clearest expression. This is what Christians should strive for and in it they should make themselves known to the world", Benedict XVI".

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"To communicate the faith is not to argue in order to win, but to dialogue in order to convince. The desire to persuade without defeating deeply marks the attitude of those who communicate. Listening becomes fundamental: it allows us to know what interests and worries the interlocutor. To know their questions before proposing answers.

Communication is not primarily what the sender explains, but what the addressee understands. In order to communicate, it is necessary to avoid argumentative complexity and the obscurity of language. It is a relationship that is established between people, not an anonymous mechanism for the diffusion of ideas. The Gospel is addressed to people. People with their own points of view, feelings and emotions. Empathy does not imply renouncing one's own convictions, but putting oneself in the other person's place. Responses full of meaning and humanity are convincing. For this reason, charity is the content, the method and the style of communicating the faith. Thanks to charity, evangelization is always and truly new", Juan Manuel Mora.

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