Face to face

Face to face

"The mission of journalism is to explain the world, to make it less dark, to make those who live in it less afraid of it and look at others with greater awareness, and also with more trust," Pope Francis.

We interviewed great professionals of religious information -such as Juan Vicente Boo and Eva Fernández- who, with their work, contribute to be the loudspeakers and spokespersons of the Pope, with the purpose of learning from their good work and experience, so that we can be the same.

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"Pope Francis' master key for communicating is encounter. It is a compass that guides us on how we should act to proclaim the Gospel in our society. I think that, at times, we Catholics become entrenched and only look at the world to attack and defend ourselves, but we forget that what Jesus really asks of us is to speak with the heart. It is about participating in the joys and fears, in the hopes and sufferings of the men and women of today", Eva Fernandez.

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