Good practices

Good practices

En esta sección encontrarás ejemplos inspiradores de cómo comunicar la fe en positivo hoy en día, porque el Bien, la Verdad y la Belleza son inseparables. Recuerda que la Iglesia crece siempre por atracción, no por obligación y mucho menos a base de preceptos e imposiciones. 

Te proporcionamos recursos e ideas de cómo mostrar la alegría del Evangelio y el mensaje cristiano de forma atractiva, también cuando se trata de temas controvertidos (como en nuestros vídeos de la JMJYA), siempre desde el diálogo y el respeto a los demás. Lista de Youtube con 25 cuestiones controvertidas de la iglesia respondidas por jóvenes:

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"I prefer a Church that is bruised, wounded and stained by going out into the streets, rather than a Church that is sick because of its confinement and the comfort of clinging to its own security" (Evangelii Gaudium, 49) or a Church that waits for the faithful to come. Today it is not a question, as in the Gospel parable, of going out to retrieve the lost sheep while the other 99 wait in the sheepfold. The Pope says: "We have one, we are missing the ninety-nine! We have to go out, we have to go and look for them" (Catechesis, June 17, 2013).

For Francis, the Church is not an establishment where a product is dispensed and the public comes to pick it up, but a group of people who go out to meet others, with good news to communicate. The Pope proposes a new culture of encounter. Catholic institutions and individual believers must be people who go out, who do not settle into their beliefs and convictions, who do not surround themselves only with those who think the same way, but who go out to meet others, who expose themselves to the open air. John Paul II said that faith matures when it is communicated.

Similarly, Catholics mature by undergoing the test of dialogue with those who have not received the gift of faith. Educators know this well: you have only really learned something when you are able to explain it," excerpt from the article in 7 lessons from Pope Francis for communicating the faith from Juan Manuel MoraD. in Communication and current Vice Rector of Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

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