Liturgy and prayer

Liturgy and Prayer Arguments

Prayer consists of raising one's heart to God. When a person prays, he or she enters into a personal relationship with God., in a relationship of friendship with God. 

"Look at what a set of reasoned reasons the enemy presents to you, so that you leave prayer: "I lack time" -when you are continually losing it-; "this is not for me", "I have a dry heart".... Prayer is not a problem of speaking or feeling, but of loving. And one loves, making an effort to try to say something to the Lord, even if nothing is said", San Josemaría, Surco, 464.

The prayer of Christians passes through concrete mediations: Sacred Scripture, the Sacraments, the liturgical rites, the community. 

Here you will find some keys to learn how to pray on any occasion, how to adore God in the Eucharist and pray with the soul and body, and of course, resources for prayer.

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With prayer, we turn to God and express our concerns and worries. It is true that with prayer God grants us what we ask for, but only when what we ask for is what we really need. It would not make sense for him to grant us things that do not suit us, and man does not always know what is really best for him. The good prayer is not the one that makes God want what I want, but the one that makes me want what God wants.

The one who prays cannot expect God to do the work that corresponds to him. Prayer is not simply waiting for someone to come and solve what we have to solve. Nor is it a tiresome acceptance of errors or injustices that it would be in our power to stop. Nor is it a vain and superstitious attempt to obtain a hidden power over the goods of this world.

"To pray is nothing other than to speak of friendship with the one we know loves us", St. Teresa of Calcutta. It is in the silence of the heart that God speaks. God is a friend of that silence. And we need to listen to God, because what matters is not what we tell Him, but above all what He makes us see.

"You wrote to me: "To pray is to talk to God. But what about?" -What about? Of Him, of you: joys, sorrows, successes and failures, noble ambitions, daily worries..., pleasantries: and thanksgivings and petitions: and Love and atonement. In two words: to know Him and to know you: "treat each other!"", St. Josemaría, The Way, 91

"Give me a Quarter of an Hour of prayer a day and I promise you heaven," St. Teresa of Jesus. So, you know, why not give it a try?

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