JMJ Young Answers 3

13/03/2013 | By Arguments


JMJ Young Answers


We have already started recording the third series of videos of JMJ Young Answers, this time in the context of the Year of Faith and with an eye on WYD Rio de Janeiro 2013. set There is a good group of new additions, although quite a few of the classics are maintained in order to give continuity to the project. The topics: the Virgin Mary; Jesus Christ; Do I believe in God, but not in the Church?; agnosticism; gender ideology; creation and evolutionism; hedonism-new sexuality; relativism; science and faith; materialism-consumerism... The list is not yet closed. The first recordings have revealed the shortcomings we have on some topics, and we have returned to the phase of brainstorming, study, debate, reflection.... It was predictable: the best way to realize that you have to study something more is to get in front of a camera to try to explain it. It seems that the Greeks were right: history is cyclical and repeats itself, over and over again...    

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