A revolution was necessary for the female talent to see the light and be worth protection, cultivation and appreciation. We are deeply indebted to those women who brought down barriers and made themselves count.

“I´ve lost my family because of my harshness.” a female engineer confessed to me in a flood of tears. She, a great mother, had perhaps unconsciously transferred her mental schemes from work to her home and family, and then realized she had demanded too much. It is true that a woman today, more than ever before, has to be tough, smart and even defiant if necessary, an independent and decided woman, genius and character, no one has control over her life, nobody can stop her.

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And in this way, almost without perceiving it, the man finds that he is not so necessary anymore as woman does not need protection, to be taken care of, she can herself, she can more. Or it is he, who does not find himself, who got stuck in his adolescence expecting everything from her, and then not finding it. At some point he fell into the arms of another lonely woman who was willing to admire and look after him more. In a natural way, many men and women want to live their life well, in peace with their families, and still they feel deceived, broken, lonely and suffering for some reason, and with them their children in the middle of a life which is difficult to keep in balance.

Jacques Philippe states that a “an anthropologically simple but fundamental truth is the following: a human being lives the words he carries within because love and words come from the same place: the heart”. What I hear and what I read, what feeds my thoughts is the word that lives within me, my inner self where my deepest talent rests or fights striving to reach fullness. Therefore Christian Bobin writes that a life without reading is a stacked life, a life where instead of thinking and discernment, things accumulate and stack up, like objects.

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In this interior discourse there might be truths and lies that we do not distinguish, perhaps there is a good and an evil. We believe in the ideal of forcefulness, success or the development of all our intellectual and physical talents and we lose our priorities or the correct proportion along the way.

The search for truth is a necessity, its profound study is a duty of justice and giving it to others an act of mercy. “Mercy is the fullness of justice and the most radiant manifestation of God’s truth”. It is “the key to heaven”. (Gaudete et Exultate n.105)

There are many of us who do not identify with the models of man and woman, which the media, the legislation and politics impose on us, confusing the consciousness of our identity and that of future generations.

Hence we say to men: do not be afraid of today´s woman. She needs, in her newly experienced strength and freedom, that man recuperates himself and implicates himself fully and that he fights for her dignity as woman and as mother, and with her, for the children.

We want to encourage women to develop all their talents with freedom, without despising their own most intimate configuration as woman and mother. Although her talents are employed differently according to her mission, maternity is the precious talent of woman that is lost and confused in the 20th century culture of work, success and self-affirmation.

Our echo is inspired by Jutta Burggraf and based on the writings about women of Saint John Paul II, pope Benedict XVI and pope Francis.