8 March: the International Women´s Day

On March 8, the International Women´s Day, it is time to talk about the real dignity and the real woman and not about politicized ideologies or other issues that some women usurp without permission as the female identity.

Finally there is a beginning of an emergence of some social movements that react against the new feminist wave which falls into the same pitfalls as the male chauvinism did in its abuse of power. At some point we talked to you about the Bad Mothers´ Club, which promotes social awareness for maternity and work-life balance, today we will speak about WOW.

We want to give women back their true and complete identity, complementing that of men, as well as her role as a woman in the family, in society and in the professional world”.

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Do you know Women of the World´s global platform?

This is the cry of the incipient start up by the Spanish organization Professionals for Ethics, with the collaboration of Woman Attitude and Feminine Europe, and supported by a great number of entities in the whole world, to be the voice of women who talk in terms of women. 

Women of the World´s mission is to avoid that international institutions, organs or national governments enact laws or resolutions that ignore, annul or despise the female identity, the value and dignity of maternity or the family as a primary dedication.

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8 Current Lies, 8 Measures they defend and 8 Ways:

They expose their ideas in 8 Current Lies, 8 Measures they defend, 8 Ways to Achieve them and above all 8 Motives that move them:

  1. Because society loses one of its halves when it does not recognize the enriching complementarity and reciprocity between men and women. Men are our allies and colleagues, who close the circle.
  2. Because we women want to be, in all aspects of our lives, what we are: women.
  3. Because what we need is equity and not privileges.
  4. Because society, politics and the professional world ought to recognize and value the dedication to family and dependent persons.
  5. Because women are discriminated in the professional world for being  mothers, not for being a women. It is necessary to stand up to maternity mobbing.
  6. Because we reject any type of violence against women and domestic violence, either against women, children, the elderly or men.
  7. Because we want women´s dignity and bodies to be respected.
  8. Because budgets should aid women in special vulnerability (abused, pregnant without resources, dedicated to their families or dependent persons…) and not be spent on shady ideologies.

You can support the 8M of the real woman on Join Our 8M.

Go ahead and good luck with this wonderful iniciative!

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