Regaining the meaning of being a man

A few years ago, the diocese of Phoenix published a brief documentary about masculinity and the necessity of regaining the true meaning of being a man. This video is a way to accompany and give a greater extension to the Apostolic Exhortation “Into the Breach” that the Bishop of Phoenix wrote on this topic.

Is there a crisis in masculinity?

Both the video and the exhortation highlight the crisis in masculinity as one of the great issues of today´s society. Indeed, there are more and more children without dads, and wives without husbands. This is greatly due to the fact that nowadays men´s contribution to society and family is not clearly explained, as now the role of women draws more attention.

A radical equality, impossible to achieve, is often set up as a goal today. It goes without saying that equality in rights and opportunities is absolutely necessary, but reality shows that men and women are different. Therefore it is imperative that each one of us firstly learns who and what we are and which our destiny is. In a few words: to know our vocation as a human being. This video does precisely this as it tries to regain the true vocation of man by using the best possible model: Jesus Christ.

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