La fuerza de la mujer Adán y Eva Museo del Prado 232x300 - The Strength of Women

Today millions of women and men, naturally want to live a good life and start a family but, halfway they are disappointed; for some reason they find themselves broken, alone and suffering, and with them, their children, in the middle of a life in difficult balance.

Over time, a great change in the feminine ideal has happened. Today’s culture presents models of being focused on emotions and passions that lead to utopian and unreal happiness. Physical pleasure is the ultimate domain of an animal love that does not know how to love deeply, incapable of compromise.

The man finds that he is no longer the head of the family, the woman does not need to be protected any longer, to be taken care of, she is no longer docile, she thinks she can do more. Adam and Eve look for each other in their Garden of Eden, but do not seem to find each other.

For this reason, today more than ever, it is necessary that the voice of the real woman, from her maternal view of the world be heard as well. A new revolution is necessary.

Women and men need to rediscover themselves accepting their differences in a context of profound changes. Men and women, with a mature personality need to find a way to integrate feminine and masculine qualities.

“The testimony of the life of women should be received as a revelation of values without which, humanity would be closed in self-sufficiency, in dreams of power and in the drama of violence.

Also, women, on the other hand, must allowed themselves to be converted, and recognize the singular and highly effective values ​​of love for the other of which their femininity is a carrier.

In both cases it is about the conversion of humanity to God.

Such is the conclusion of the Letter to the Bishops of the world on the collaboration of men and women in the Church and in the world , written by Cardinal Ratzinger and sealed by John Paul II in 2004.

pareja feliz 300x200 - The Strength of Women

I would add that we need the testimonies of men who love their women until death, and who are committed to building happiness with them, accepting another way of being, sharing all the responsibilities with them in their common project, collaborating with them in the caring for children, at work, in the Church and in the in the world.

Both men and women of our time should not forget that the true strength of women is not shouting or dominating others, but the development of all her talents, and the mutual respect founded on a love capable of making a true and naturally happy man. Until then, neither woman nor man will have peace, and therefore, neither families with their children, nor economics,  politics, countries, nor the world will find peace either.

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