No fear of woman

A revolution was necessary for the female talent to see the light and be worth protection, cultivation and appreciation. We are deeply indebted to those women who brought down barriers and made themselves count.

María la mujer más mujer cabecera 600x403 - 8 reasons why Mary is the woman who is most woman
Regaining Women

8 reasons why Mary is the woman who is most woman

Her name is Mary and she is the model of identity, the icon of women of all times. Why? For…
ferenc horvath 476136 unsplash 600x403 - Is there a Masculine Genius?
Regaining Men

Is there a Masculine Genius?

Attention! You have a message, from Sweden to the fathers of the world; there is a Masculine Genius! Intimacy and…
priscilla du preez 234144 unsplash 600x403 - Changing the world
Challenges and Demands of the 21st Century

Changing the world

"A mother has more opportunities to heal her children than any peace treaty" Zainab Salbi in concludes in the TED…
Jutta Burggraf e1542274150663 600x403 - Jutta Burggraf
Dare Yourself

Jutta Burggraf

If you are a rebellious woman you might be interested in getting to know Jutta Burggraf. Through her writings, Jutta…